Sticker Geek Designs

Hi Sticker Geeks! My name is Meghan and I am the owner of Sticker Geek Designs. I love all things geeky and fandom; mostly sci-fi, fantasy and 90�s era nostalgia. Together with my wife, Lisa, we hand draw our kits, functionals, and icons. We also love vibrant photography and have many photo kits! If you love geeky fandom things, 90�s tv/movies, photo kits, and unicorn paper then I hope you will check out our shop! Come join us and become a Sticker Geek! You can find us at StickerGeekDesigns.Com, IG, and in our FB group! @StickerGeekDesigns


*1st 20 orders get a sampler pack from 10 different shops! ($20+)
*Tiered freebies up to a full tiny kit!
*10 PR Team freebies to collect!
*Free domestic shipping $30+
*Special Code word freebies! Code words revealed in FB and IG live events leading up to sale!
*Special freebies each day of sale!