XOXO Prints

This is Nadia from XOXO Prints! You can find a variety of stickers and notepads in our shop! We have weekly and monthly kits in various formats, as well as scripts, foil, icons and so much more. Our shop will be 30% off during the sale! Stop by!


"ALL WEEKEND- All orders receive the UPS special freebie, normal shop freebies and double mahalo points.
FRIDAY- First 25 receive shop sampler bag, double shop freebies, personalized coffee sticker die cut. After- Personalized coffee sticker die cut.
MAGICAL SATURDAY- First 20 magical freebie, magical sticker seal sheet (random), magical vinyl sticker (random), castle sticker die cut. After- Magical freebie and castle sticker die cut.
DOODLE SUNDAY- Doodle freebie with coupon code for November, personalized flower banner sticker die cut."