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Welcome to the Ultimate Planner Sale!

The Ultimate Planner Sale is a great place to treat all your planner needs from stickers to leather notebooks from the comfort of your own home!

Each sale will be unique because the selection of shops will be random and shops will determine their own discount and possible freebies.You can expect to see the Ultimate Planner Sale each season (Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall).  The exact dates for each sale will be announced prior. All participating shops will use the same coupon code to make the shopping experience simple and cohesive for the customer.

Customers are encouraged to make sticker and accessory requests in our Facebook group. Each participating shop can then share details and direct links to their matching item in order to assist the customer. So sit back and let the shops come to you!

Be sure to check out our social media outlets, join our group, and let your favorite shops know about our next sale.

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