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About Us




Michelle has loved stationery products of all kind since elementary school. School supply shopping has always been her favorite time of year. Her love of decorative planning came about in 2014 while in college. She decided in March of 2015 to open her own shop. Her shop was then known as Glam Planning. After a few months she changed her shop name to Fabulously Planned and the rest is history! Her shops sells a variety of planner stickers and accessories to plan your life fabulously. With the help of her husband and son Fabulously Planned just celebrated their 4 year shop anniversary. She came together with her two best friends Rekha and Elvira after seeing the need for a collaborative sale that was all inclusive and the Ultimate Planner Sale was born!




Elvira has been a paper lover and a crafty girl since as long as she can remember, and was very excited when she came across the planning community in 2013. After being part of the planning community for 2 years, her husband did some research after seeing Elvira creating and doodling her own stickers, and gifted her a Portrait Cameo as an early Valentine’s Day gift in January of 2015. One week later, Pookie Bear Cuties was launched! Two years later, she and her two good friends Michelle and Rekha got together and created the Ultimate Planner Sale to give all newer shops a chance at being noticed by all other planner girls out there!




Nikki has been in love with all things planning and organizing since she was a teenager. While in college she stumbled upon the planner community and immediately fell in love with the endless options for creativity. She began to design her own stickers shortly after, and in July of 2015 opened her own shop. Her shop specializes in foil kits and foil functional stickers. 




Rekha has been into planning and list making ever since elementary school. Stickers and decorative planning came into her life when she received her first vertical planner. One day she decided she wanted to make try making own stickers and her daughter Shruthi wanted to join this adventure. So, Planner penguin was born. Their shop specializes in adorable penguin stickers hand drawn by Shruthi, as well as functional and cute stickers for various planners .




Britain's love for planning started as far back as middle school. A crafter at heart, when she discovered the planning community in 2014 she instantly fell in love. She started her shop in 2015, selling at local vendor fairs and craft shows, then began selling online in 2018. She runs her shop (which is named after two of her former dogs) alongside her little pup, Scoot (the shop's mascot). Her shop specializes in foiled & non foiled stickers for a variety of planners. 

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