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Hello Again!! Happy Wonderful Day!! My name is Julie Ann, owner of Arts and Crafts by Tabztabz (*-*)v I’m so excited to be part “AGAIN” with Ultimate Planner Sale. Arts and Crafts by Tabztabz is online stationery and customized gift shop. We come up an idea and begin to create a cute character for our shop SNOEY AND NIXIE - it was piggy kawaii style that describe ourselves being Filipino and Chubby and our lifestyle. Snoey is the head of the family (Mr. Gi) in real life and Nixie is the most beautiful and make sure everything is fine with Snoey that’s me (Mrs. Julie). We still open for customized sticker label, printing, tags, gifts, DIY and many more. We are located at San Francisco, California USA. (*-*)v
Check out our shop, We sell a variety of Tabztabz Family (Snoey and Nixie) own unique personalities and themed goodies, including the stickers, bags, shirts and more!


"->>First 20 orders will get free swaps from shops participate UPS Summer Sale..
->>All orders will get 2 random waterproof sticker [our pig character (Snoey and Nixie)] and one stationery sticker (random pick)
->>When purchase any 3 set of stationery movie collection will get notepad
Orders over USD $35 will get the pencil case pouch (sellers choice or leave it on the note)"

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